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Thaddeus R. Carter DMD, MBA

"Dear potential Franchisee:

My name is Thad Carter, I am a practicing dentist and newly minted franchise owner of Five Star Bath Solutions of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was asked by Mr. Ron Sacco to review his service in guiding me in finding the right franchise. I was humbled and excited at the same time Ron asked me to provide a summary of my experiences:

I was referred to Mr. Ron Sacco (FranFrog.com) approximately two years ago, inquiring about Franchise ownership. Ron was cordial and friendly, assured me I would not be charged for his service but more importantly be guided through the convoluted process of finding a business which would fit my personality and meet my personal and financial goals.

Initially, he asked me to fill out a questionnaire honestly, provide some basic financial information and also provide him a few personality details. After this process, Ron identified a few franchise opportunities for me to review and arranged for me to explore each of these businesses over a period of approximately 90 days. During this process, Ron followed up with me weekly and facilitated dialogue and in answering of all my questions, including difficult ones. After researching each of these brands, I found Five Star Bath Solutions fit my interest,
nancial goals, but most importantly a business partnership that felt natural and comfortable. I researched this brand extensively, met with executives and other franchise owners over several weeks and was ultimately awarded the Colorado Springs territory.

And as promised, Ron’s service was free of charge to me. I feel grateful and honored to be a newly minted franchise owner and am forever grateful to Ron for his expertise, honesty, cordiality and professionalism in helping me identify and in being awarded the right franchise opportunity for me. I highly recommend and unequivocally endorse Mr. Ron Sacco and his organization, FranFrog.com to anyone seeking a franchise opportunity. Thank you Ron, I consider you a great friend and advocate.


Thaddeus R. Carter DMD, MBA"

Brien Goldstein

"I  was looking for a new opportunity to make money so I started looking into franchises. I had no idea what direction to go in until I met Ron Sacco. He was very informative and knowledgeable and was not pushy at all. Within a month I bought a franchise because he made the process so easy. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to franchise. "

Derien Whaley

"Thanks so much for all the help and information you provided throughout this process. This is one of the biggest things I’ve done in my life, and your constant motivation, insight and positivity made the process go smoothly. I just wanted to express my thanks and I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who’s thinking about franchise opportunities! Thanks again!"

Mike Uhler

"I had the pleasure of connecting with Ron Sacco.  Ron is an accomplished career coach and has an impressive background owning and operating businesses.  He has helped several individuals launch Franchises.  I found him to be a great listener, insightful and he puts his clients first to guide them through the pursuit of franchise ownership."

David Velasco

"I reached out for some information on different possibilities of businesses I had interest in. After reviewing both existing businesses and franchises, Ron really opened my eyes to the benefits of purchasing a franchise with my first business venture. I couldn't be more pleased with the time Ron took to answer all my questions and articulate everything in the most simplest of matters, while also explaining potential pros and cons to several decisions that I will ultimately have to make. Ron is the man!"

Simon & Noreen

"I highly recommend Ron Sacco with Fran Frog. During the last few months we worked with Ron, we were well informed about various Franchise and Brand opportunities that matched the criteria for shorter term and longer term. Ron is caring, honest, and fair and brings his own actual Franchisee and Franchisor experience to bear. I am excited Ron will bring the same level of care and service to others.  He is a very dedicated professional and truly cares about his candidates. He will deliver the best service and follow up as promised. Again, I highly recommend anyone contact Ron Sacco."


"I want to thank you for your assistance in finding the right franchise for my needs. You really understand franchise systems and the process that you used to find the right franchise for me was exceptional. I enjoyed spending time discussing my needs with you and your attention to detail was spot on. The process that you have to marry up prospective franchises with clients is very thorough and helped me make my franchise decision.

I really appreciate the time you spent with me and helping me start this journey. I want to leverage your knowledge and experience as I continue with my new franchise."

Lincoln Moore

"Want to change your life? Ron’s your man! I reached out to Ron over a year ago knowing that I would be resigning from my Senior level corporate role to do something on my own. I had grown weary of the corporate atmosphere after almost 30 years of climbing to the top.

When I met Ron on the phone, I immediately felt at ease. The call was all about my wishes and desires and Ron was nothing less than empathetic, an excellent listener, patient and very easy to talk to. He gets to know you very well before taking the steps towards finding exactly the right business for you. Make no mistake, if you are not meant to get into a franchise business, he will make it very clear to you. He absolutely has your best interests at heart!"

I consider myself extremely fortunate for having found Ron to help me transition into owning my own business with confidence.

After just over a year, I resigned from a high level, high paid career in NYC and own my very own mobile personal home training business and could not be happier, challenged and thankful to Ron!"

Alan Weber

"My partner Sam and I had worked with a franchise consultant before and their approach was to just throw options at us to see what might stick. Ron Sacco does not approach the process of finding a new business opportunity like most consultants. He does a detailed review of your career history, your objectives and your financial situation. Based on that info and an in depth discussion to confirm his assumptions about what you are looking for, he drives the franchise introduction, discovery and selection process in a very structured way.

Sam and I are very process oriented and appreciated the fact that Ron said what he was going to do, did what he said he would do and set expectations that allowed us to move forward and select the right business in a timely and very comprehensive approach. We are extremely excited about our new business opportunity and completely endorse Ron’s approach which helped us focus on the most important factors that we were looking for in a new business opportunity."

Mark McKenna

"Ron Sacco has owned and operated shredding companies in New York, North Carolina and Florida. He is the world’s best sales guru and one of the most energetic people that I have ever met."

Corbin C

"The Franfrog training was fantastic. I received my first referral fee in 3 months, which paid for my investment and I made a good amount of money. I recommend this training for anyone who wants to be in business for yourself , but not by yourself."

Kim H.

"My family and I want to let you know how much we appreciate the time you took to work with us to find the right business for our situation. The initial meeting was so insightful. You introduced us to franchising, helped us figure out what we wanted in a business and explained how we could succeed. You came back to the next meeting with three companies for us to explore. Your follow up after each call was so helpful for us – you were a great sounding board! Thank you for the introduction to CycleBar! Come Rock a Ride with us in Palm Beach Gardens!"

Barry C.

"I want to thank you for doing an excellent job finding me a franchise I am proud of. I’m impressed with your friendliness and your prompt business like approach. With the advice you have given me, its obvious you want to help me succeed."

Bobby D.

"Ron Sacco was a great resource for entrance into a new space for me. I got lucky to find Ron through his website and he was able to help guide me through the process of franchise selection. He did a great job setting up expectations as well as describing the process I would be going through with franchisors. He does expect you to do some information sharing with him prior to selection of franchise options.

This is to benefit you as it will help narrow the field down to concepts that fit with your desired future concept. He helped more as a business consultant sharing advice along with recommendations on how to work with lending partners. Ron helped me move to action on building more revenue streams for my families future."


"During my search for a franchise business opportunity, Ron contacted me to offer his franchise consulting services.  He explained his role in the search process and how he could help me find a franchise that fit with my background, experience, and goals.

Over a period of several weeks during weekly calls with me, from his extensive knowledge and expertise gained from years of experience in the franchise industry, Ron educated me about the business of franchising.  He helped me understand what I needed to do start my own business as a franchise owner.  He reviewed my background and skills, and discussed my long-term goals with me.  Based on these discussions, Ron recommended three franchise opportunities, and worked with me on the due diligence process of analyzing them.  After several weeks of review, I attended a confirmation day for the franchise that we both agreed was a best fit for me.  After confirmation day, the franchisor offered me the opportunity to become a franchisee, which I accepted.  Ron is still advising me as I go through the process of starting my business, and will continue to do so after the business is operational.

Ron was instrumental in my search for a franchise and in the purchase that I made.  Without his wise guidance and counsel, I could not have successfully completed this process.  Ron’s professional and refined approach make his advice very valuable to clients, and he is always available to answer questions and provide opinions.  I have enjoyed working with Ron and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future."

Cory G.

"I had an exceptional experience working with Ron Sacco.  He was as invested as I was in finding the right franchise fit for me. In taking the time to understand my personality and the business model that would best fit my needs, Ron successfully guided me to my new franchise. I would highly recommend Ron's industry knowledge and experience when looking at purchasing  a franchise."


"I recently purchased a home services franchise after exploring several different brands over the past year. I had the pleasure of working with franchise consultant, Ron Sacco who helped me make my final decision. Ron’s guidance and wisdom made me feel that the time was right for me to move forward with the brand I selected. I know Ron will always be there for me in the future when I need advice regarding my business. I highly recommend Ron Sacco to any group or individual that’s exploring franchise ownership. "

Tom Mulkins

"Ron was an incredible franchise advisor who provided me with expert guidance and support in choosing the perfect franchise.
He took the time to understand my goals and aspirations and was always available to answer my questions.
Thanks to his dedication and expertise, I was able to make an informed decision and find a franchise that aligned with my values and interests."