Franchise Sourcing Services

Franchise Consulting

FranFrog is a Franchise Consulting Agency. Our company was founded to help individuals find steady income through business ownership. The job market has changed and the only for sure thing is YOU. People are disenchanted with corporate jobs or are too young to retire. Franchising provides a “recipe” for success.

Franchise Sales Process

At our Franchise Consulting Agency, we consider it very important for clients to understand the value of our role in the franchisee-franchisor relationship. If you come to us to advertise your franchise and sell your business model to anyone who is interested, then we need to change that perspective.

Our job at FranFrog is to match your franchise with fitting candidates from our network of potential investors.

The fact is, not all franchisees may succeed using your model. As the franchisor, you may lose your time and resources on that particular individual, when you could have spent it more productively on a different person, organization or business entity with higher potential for success using your franchise. In our process, we look for the right candidates with the right skill set – the ability to succeed in your franchise and in the type of business environment in which you participate.

Franchise Development

FranFrog will custom-formulate the franchise development process for each franchisor. As a Franchise Consulting Agency, we develop strategies based on your business’ strengths while working to improve on weak points that may potentially make you vulnerable to competition or game-changers in the industry.


Promoting profitability for your products and services includes establishing your brand in your local target market.

Conformity to Franchise Models

Helping you comply with the requirements to run your own franchise.

Operational Execution

Guiding franchisees on the operations program and encouraging return of investment as early as possible.