Franchise Consulting

Franchising provides a “recipe” for success.

FranFrog is a Franchise Consulting Agency. Our company was founded to help individuals find steady income through business ownership. The job market has changed and the only for sure thing is YOU. People are disenchanted with corporate jobs or are too young to retire. Franchising provides a “recipe” for success.

If you’re ready to control your destiny, experience tax savings, a raise, and a full sense of worth and appreciation look into franchising. Franchise ownership is a stable career path and has a 90%+ success rate. Most people can’t even predict that they can keep their jobs with 90% certainty!

Franchise Consulting

The network we are affiliated with provides access to a portfolio of pre-screened franchise companies with more than $3 billion in annual revenues. These franchise companies include home based, on-site services and brick & mortar retail businesses.

FranFrog will review your skills and match you with companies that give you the opportunity to make money and enjoy your success. We work all across the United States helping ambitious entrepreneurial-minded people achieve their goals by giving them access to great, profitable companies.

Choose FranFrog as your Self-Employment Consultant to:

  • Guide you through the franchise selection process

  • Serve as your trusted advisor and personal franchise consultant

  • Assist in determining if franchise ownership is a viable career alternative.

Additional Services
Franchise Development

FranFrog will custom-formulate the franchise development process for each franchisor.

Franchise Sales Process

Our job at FranFrog is to match your franchise with fitting candidates from our network of potential investors.

Professional Franchise Resales

Check out our organized table breakdown of the business concepts, markets, sales, capitals, fees, and more.